Always wanted to learn how to surf but never really found the time? Mukul, an Auberge Resort is proud to have luxury surf outfitter, TropicSurf leading the resort’s surf experience. Surf services range from beginner lessons, coaching sessions to master the resort’s Manzanillo Point as well as guided half-day boat or jeep drives along the coast. Guests can enjoy learning to surf on some of Central America's best waves, discovering secluded beaches and surfing spots, and taking their skills to the next level with a ten-level coaching plan. being taken to the best waves and secluded spots or learn and step up a level under a unique ten-level coaching plan. Guests also may have the option of viewing video or stills footage of themselves in action. There’s no need to bring your board to Mukul - we have a range of Firewires, beginner boards and SUPs available for our guests.

up to 4 hours

up to 5 GUESTS

spots: Mukul's Beach break, Manzanillo point, Lance's left, colorado, paga drop, and many more

INCLUDES: guide, surfboard, leash and wax. also, snacks, beer, sodas and water for some tours.