Stand Up Paddleboard


Dating back to ancient Hawaiian heritage Stand-Up Paddleboard “SUP” is a form of surfing that has reemerged as a way for surfers to paddle longer distances. This is a great for sport for beginners or advanced enthusiasts. Explore the beautiful coastline from an ocean perspective or join us for one of our many SUP excursions.

SUP Rental

Report to the surf shack and pick out the Stand Up board that suits you best and go rip the waves or cruise the coastline.

SUP Lessons

Always wanted to feel the thrill of surfing a wave on a Stand Up board? This package includes all the equipment you need with an expert instructor by your side.


What better way to enjoy a core and balanced workout whilst enjoying the stunning local scenery. Together we will paddle to our secluded virgin oasis, Guacalito Beach. Equipment and basic instruction provided. No prior experience is necessary and boat support is included.